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Oddillio Labs is a team of eminently skillful enthusiasts in the field of information technology, digital media marketing and trading. We are a service oriented company unbounded to any specific domain. Oddillio Labs is globally known for its ingenious approach towards delivering business value and its commitment to livability. Oddillio Labs creates and executes strategies for your digital transformation, from engineering to application development, knowledge architecture and business process architecture. We help you to solve problems effectively with our innovative team differentiated by the creative imagination, foreknowledge and experience, over industries and technologies.


The term ‘Oddillio’ was derived from two words;Odd and Centillion. Odd refers to one of the significant number Seven. It denotes completeness with perfection. We have 7 days in the week, 7 colors in Rainbow. Number Seven is considered to be something important. Centillion is the biggest number which is 10^303. It is the largest recognised illion. Both the words Odd and centillion were merged to form a semi-palindrome word which could be read in either direction. And Oddillio was born which denotes the abundance of perfection and Completeness in any aspects.


At Oddillio Labs, we believe our liability extend above business. That is why we behave ethically and honestly in all our synergy with our clients, our partners and our employees. Oddillio Labs contribute to some of the more socially and economically pessimistic sectors of the communities in which we work.

It is the companies' responsibility to take care of their employees and the society in which they operate, In Oddillio Labs employees comfort is the most important, but we also ensure that anyone we welcome through our doors feels comfortable here. We are also keen in protecting the environment, so we sort waste, we use Eco-friendly products, we also use electricity and paper carefully.


We are proud that our brands are trusted by people all over the world. We focus on making peoples’ daily routines that bit easier, that bit better, serving customers in different ways.